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Projects by our Friends

Check out these cool projects from other companies. 


Omens Of Destiny 

 a story-rich fantasy board game of quests and combat, has the immersive feel and character development of a roleplaying game, but with the quick set up and play expected from a board game. Click here for Kickstarter Link

Omens of Destiny: Fantasy Adventure Board Game by Joe Meade — Kickstarter

Element Mandate 

is new project by father/ son team designers Mike and Isaac Koehlinger. Using your element to navigate the board, try and collect the artifacts to give your element more prestige in the eyes of the overseer. Accumulate notoriety and take to the arena at the top of the multi-level 3D board to defeat the challengers and claim victory!

Element Mandate_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Stack UP

Founded in 2015, Stack Up brings both veterans and civilian supporters together through a shared love of video gaming using our primary programs: The StacksSupply CratesAir Assaults, and the Stack Up Overwatch Program [StOP]

Check out Stack Up and how you can help at

Reign Absolute 

Imagined as the love-child of Warhammer and Exploding Kittens, Reign Absolute is about bringing the fun and excitement of competitive fantasy themed conquest. 

Learn More 

Reign Absolute

Reign Absolute.jpg
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